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Student Resource Scheme

The Student Resource Scheme (SRS) is in place for 2020. Considerable discussion with staff and parents leads us to believe this is the best way to ensure our girls and boys are equipped with all they need to make the most of the programs we teach.

Payment due date

To ensure this scheme works well and to enable budget decisions, it is preferred fees be paid in full by Thursday 6 February 2020. It is hoped that by providing scheme information now, it will enable families to begin paying the scheme as soon as possible.

Payment method

Payments can be made using Bpoint (must have the tax invoice), internet transfer, deposit at bank, payment window, or Centrelink using Centrepay. Payments at school will commence Thursday 30 January 2020. 

Bpoint link
Bpoint telephone number: 1300 631 073

Payment by instalments are welcome. Please let us know your intentions if this is the method you choose. Should you have difficulty making payment, we encourage you to make an appointment with the Deputy Principal or Business Manager as soon as possible so we can work together for the best solution for you and your family. We are very aware things can be challenging for families in the current economic climate and are very willing to work with our families to ensure a positive outcome for all concerned. 

Isn't Education free?

Yes, education is free—the cost of providing instruction, administration and facilities is free—but the resources required to provide that education are not free. Funds collected through the resource scheme are distributed to teachers in the form of year level budgets for their classes. This provides them with flexibility in what they choose to use in their classrooms. It also means that you, as a parent or carer, will not have to purchase any further classroom resources throughout the year.

Initially students will be provided with a 'starter pack'. Further requisites are provided throughout the year in order to meet the programming needs of year levels and individual classes. 

Inclusions in the SRS

Participating in the scheme means that your child will be provided with any necessary stationery, textbooks and reading materials, but also with access to technology which will allow them to participate fully in the curriculum. 

Also included in the scheme is access to Reading Eggs and Mathletics subscriptions and participation in incursion activities that will visit our school, eg. Harmony Day, Dance program or Fun with Maths. 

Please note the cost of instrumental music, choir, camps and excursions are not covered by this scheme.

Parents ard carers are required to return a completed and signed Student resource scheme and agreement form (PDF, 800KB) to notify participation or non participation. 

Thank you in anticipation for your contribution to this valuable scheme. 

Forms relating to the Student Resources Scheme can be located under Documents

Last reviewed 01 April 2020
Last updated 01 April 2020